Representative Investments

Black Dog Ventures

Black Dog Ventures was founded in 1999 by Bill Newlin (son), who is also the majority owner. Along with affiliates, Black Dog owns 23 food and beverage locations in seven major American airports.


C2Sense develops simple, affordable, and easy to integrate sensing solutions to digitize gas sensing information. The sensors can help estimate food freshness to avoid food waste, be used for environmental monitoring and protect workers in industry from toxic compounds.

Carmell Therapeutics

Carmell Therapeutics, a Carnegie Mellon University spinout, commercializes proprietary technology that enables the manufacture of biologically active plastics from blood plasma for treating injuries to bone and connective tissue.

HCBF Holding Company Inc,

HCBF Holding Company Inc. owns a federally chartered bank which enables it to bid on distressed banks and assets through the FDIC.

Intermodal Terminal

Intermodal terminal on Ohio River supporting fracking and cracker plants.


Intervala is a full-service manufacturer of high-reliability, precision electronic and electromechanical products for companies in industrial, medical, transportation, and other technology-driven markets.

Liquid X Printed Metals, Inc.

Liquid X Printed Metals, Inc., a Carnegie Mellon University spin-out, manufactures functional gold and silver metallic inks. The technology transforms gold and silver into ink which is then printed onto a wide variety of substrates.


MediBeacon is an optical diagnostic company focused on providing clinicians with critical information to improve patient care. The Optical Renal Function Monitor focuses on real-time, easy to use and cost-effective monitoring of kidney function.

PEM Holding Co.

PEM Holding Co. is the holding company of Penn Engineering. Penn Engineering is a leading global manufacturer of specialty fasteners, serving the automotive, network infrastructure, electronics, and general industrial end markets.


Pepperweed created a wide range of custom, on-demand and packaged services for HP's software tracks, which they leveraged by forging relationships with other HP partners for delivery. Pepperweed was acquired by Avnet, Inc. in 2012. This company was sold in July 2012.


Plano has been a supplier to outdoor enthusiasts of equipment protection and storage solutions such as fishing tackle boxes and gun cases for over 60 years. The company was sold in 2012.


Safaba is a machine translation company. The company uses software to translate vast amounts of text from one natural language into another, enabling more effective global corporate communications. The company was sold in 2015.

Sharp Edge Labs

Sharp Edge Labs, a Carnegie Mellon University spinout, develops next-generation biosensors for cellular biology research and high-throughput screening. Sharp Edge's technology creates a new platform for molecular detection and sensing.

Simcoach Games

Simcoach Games is the leader in next generation workforce training, revolutionizing the way learning and practice is delivered in organizations through "game-based" learning software.

Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network (YES)

Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network (YES) is a New York City-based, regional cable television channel that broadcasts a variety of sports events, with an emphasis on the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets. The company was sold in December 2012.